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    Pavitra: Sacred Purity

    Pavitra: Sacred Purity

    Pavitra is not a cosmetic brand. Akin to cosmeceuticals, Pavitra believes that beauty is nurtured beyond surface skin to deep within. Pavitra offers you skin care which has the manifold goodness of hemp seed oil combined with Nature’s best using the ancient ‘life knowledge’ of Ayurveda.

    You and your skin deserve to be pampered by this erroneously infamous but truly wondrous hemp seed oil.  Mindfully sourced and formulated, our products and we stand by what is right for you, for the environment, and for the society. Period.

    Our story has just begun...

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    • July 23, 2020 Hemp Oil: Intelligent Skincare
      Hemp Oil: Intelligent Skincare

      If conscious living is high on your list then hemp (seed) oil should feature in it. It’s natural, vegan, clean, environment friendly and sustainable. Hemp oil now has a celebrity status in cosmetic industry and richly deserves it for it does wonders for the skin. Hemp oil is green gold.

    • July 23, 2020 Ayurveda & Skin Type
      Ayurveda & Skin Type

      Skin is tell-tale. Sadly, it gives the game away instantly and it is so large an organ that camouflaging it is not only difficult but is also definitely not the answer. We owe it to ourselves to keep it in good health and happy. That takes some conscious thought and just a little effort. Completely doable.

    • July 23, 2020 Abhayanga: Art of Self Massage
      Abhayanga: Art of Self Massage If you wake up feeling sluggish and irritable or you find yourself drained at the end of the day, the ayurvedic technique of self ABHAYANGA, or self massage is a sure and rewarding remedy.
    • July 23, 2020 Monsoon Care for Skin
      Monsoon Care for Skin

      The humidity in the monsoon season can cause a host of skin problems. Though skin problems are caused by dosha imbalances, in monsoon it is pitta dosha that is the troublemaker. Calm and soothing care, inside and out, is the way forward.

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