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Cedarwood-Lavender-Hemp Body Wash (200ml)

Rs. 1,127.00

100% soap free and anti-bacterial, the combination of cedarwood-lavender-hemp seed oil leaves you feeling fresh, energised and with a lingering scent of woodsy cedarwood and mild lavender. The addition of neem oil and aloevera make this whole blend more special. Together, they remove impurities and purify the skin leaving it soft and clear. The potent hemp seed oil and neem oil improves acne scars or blotchy skin with each use.

Active Ingredients: 

Cedarwood, lavender, cannabis seed oil, neem oil, aloe vera.
Contains no THC/CBD

How to Use

Gently massage over neck, face and body. The body will absorb the essence as you massage and lather. Rinse.