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We are soon restocking. Watch out for our new products coming soon. Because of Covid-19 protocol all deliveries are hereby effected and thus stopped both local and international, We shall resume operation once situation returns to normal. Inconvenience is regretted.

Mission & Vision

Create a range of green and conscious skincare-wellness products that help the person, environment and the community



To draw from the wisdom of ayurveda and create exceptional nurturing and skincare-wellness products that are:

  • natural and uses sustainable ingredients
  • that is wholesome for health of body and skin
  • free of parabens, SLS and animal cruelty
  • offer customer the incredible benefits of hemp seed oil
  • make customer realise that hemp seed oil addresses multiple problems so customer need not resort to buying manifold and separate products for each of their skin or hair problems
  • to ensure a percentage from each sale go to a deserving charitable organisation



Honest – in our promise of sacred purity in thought and in all products on offer to clients and the environment. Be true to our motto of green and conscious skincare-wellness

Ethical – in all aspects of our business

Passion – for providing customers the best

Integrity – scrupulously adhere to environmentally friendly practices and our commitment to our customers

Commitment – to provide clean, green and conscious skincare-wellness products using sustainable and natural ingredients