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Our Story

Early in 2018, we sat up and took notice of the skincare and wellness industry around the world and how hemp had slowly but surely become the flavour of the seasons. We thought it was a fad, trends come and go after all, but hemp in skincare-wellness is here to stay. 1It now has almost a cult following in beauty, health, and skincare. 
1Hemp Business Journal

We also noticed the near absence of hemp in Indian cosmetic brands. There were a number of great natural and organic Indian brands but a paucity of hemp based products. Strange that.

We knew that hemp has been part of Ayurveda for centuries. The four books of Vedas – The Rigveda, The Yajurveda, The Samveda, and The Atharvaveda form a treasure of ancient Indian wisdom.  Hemp or cannabis sativa is known as Vijaya in ayurveda, a sub-script of the Atharvaveda and a 5000+ yr treatise on a holistic form of medical treatment. Cannabis sativa is mentioned as one of the five sacred plants and is said to have been given by Lord Shiva.  Atharva Veda not only mentions Cannabis to be one of the five sacred plants but signifies cannabis leaves as the guardian angel. Cannabis in the ancient Indian culture can also be found in Rig-Veda, Sushruta Samhita, and the Mahabharata.

It has been cultivated for centuries in India and the sages used it after ‘shodhana’ (purifying process) as a source of oil and medicine, and therapeutic value to the human system. Ayurvedic pharmacopoeias observe that hemp, after ‘shodhana’ can be used in 191 formulations to treat more than 29 ailments.

Allow us to first tell you what makes it so special - hemp seed has all eight amino acids and the two Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) so crucial for the human body, and which our bodies cannot manufacture on its own. The oil pressed from the hemp seed is one of the best known sources of Omega-3 aIpha-linolenic acid and Omega-6 linoleic acid, with a perfect balance of Omega-3-6 Essential Fatty Acids in the same ratio found in our bodies 1:3. The bonus is, it is more than 90% unsaturated.2

Sebastian Pole (PositiveHealthOnline/ Ayurvedic practitioner)

We, as a family, habitually made basic organic beauty and skincare products based on ayurveda at home for personal use and for family and friends. As an Indian living in Europe, I had incorporated hemp seed oil in my family’s homemade soaps, shampoos and so on and loved what it did to our skin, hair and general well being. My research and first-hand experience found that hemp seed oil blended harmoniously with natural ingredients and when formulated on ayurvedic principles, it worked wonders on the skin, body and mind. We loved our cottage art and the fact that we could shun harsh parabens, SLS and animal testing that lurk in most skincare and beauty products. Conscious, cruelty free, and green living was a way of life for us. Quite quickly, the demand for our homemade skincare grew among friends, friends of friends and their friends...until, over a dinner conversation early in 2019 we birthed the idea of launching our special hemp seed oil based skincare in India. 

Why India? The answer, to us, was a no-brainer:

  • We thought the time was ripe to resurrect hemp seed oil  extracted from pure Indian hemp for its many virtues in quality skincare-wellness products.
  • To be essentially Indian from sourcing most ingredients to creating our skincare-wellness products using ayurvedic principles.
  • To promote a conscious, cruelty free, and green range of skincare-wellness products. Even vegans can use our hemp seed oil skincare without qualms.
  • Our small but widening circle in Europe appreciated our products so much that it seemed a shame not to share with my country people all products that we as a family have been creating, using and benefitting from.
  • As Indians, we believe our fellow country people deserve to have access to skincare-wellness products that incorporates hemp seed oil in its formulations.
  • Last but not least, while there are some amazing natural and ayurvedic skincare brands in India that have found a faithful following, so far, internationally reputed brands have been holding sway over a sizeable population in India; those with increasing disposable income, young urban elite, and a rising middle-class who seek quality from skincare-wellness products. We want Indians to choose and prefer conscious skincare-wellness brands made in India to support indigenous business. Towards this end, we want to bring in world class specialised skincare-wellness products firmly rooted in Nature.

 And thus was Pavitra conceived. The closest synonym for the Sanskrit word ‘pavitra’ in English would be hallowed or sacred, but it is an inadequate synonym. Simply put -

Pavitra is a promise of ‘sacred purity’ in thought and in all products on offer to clients and the environment.

So come, let us help you reap the benefits of the much maligned and misunderstood, but infinitely miraculous hemp seed oil in all our products.  It’s powerful, natural, and an environment friendly green gold.