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Jasmine-Turmeric-Hemp Body Oil (200ml)

Rs. 1,741.00


Feel your skin illuminated with this penetrative body oil. It is a perfect blend of hemp seed oil and sunflower oil which facilitates quick and easy absorption; while jasmine nourishes and stimulates skin imparting a long lasting and soothing scent, turmeric oil brightens the skin along with delivering its other beneficial properties. Your skin feels lighter and smoother while the body feels invigorated.

This body oil is light, quickly absorbed and does not stain clothes or cause clothes to smell.

Active Ingredients: 

Jasmine, turmeric oil, cannabis seed oil, sunflower oil.
Contains no THC/CBD

How to Use

Apply all over on to damp/moist skin in gentle circular massaging motion until absorbed. Ideal as an after bath oil and a pre-bath massage oil.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Dipika Srivastav

Jasmine-Turmeric-Hemp Body Oil (200ml)


Jasmine-Turmeric-Hemp Body Oil (200ml)

Sharmila Biswas
Oil that enriches skin.

Light jasmine-perfumed oil easily smoothens over skin and is easily absorbed. Have been using it over a month. My arms and legs look better already, their dryness gone. I can see my skin looking better. Excellent product by Pavitra. Highly recommended.

Smooth skin and hemp body oil

I am writing this after using Pavitra' s Jasmine hemp oil for more than a month. Because my skin is extremely dry, I have always been using oil liberally on my body and on my face too. However, I tend to get a lot of blackheads and the skin on the side of my nose tends to get red and slightly painful. If I stop using oil, it stops.
With Pavitra' s oil, I have not had to stop. Suddenly I find the blackheads are gone, there has been no redness and lo and behold, the very visible pores on my nose and some parts of my skin are gone! I can only attribute it to this oil of Pavitra.
My puja gifts to my family- Pavitra products! Keep up the good work, Pavitra!