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Rose Geranium-Carrot Seed-Hemp (100 ml)

Rs. 640.00

This luxurious face wash is infused with antioxidant rich ingredients. Rose Geranium tightens, brightens and washes away dead skin cells while Carrot Seed has powerful anti-aging properties that tones, hydrates and improves the complexion. Combined with the goodness of hemp seed oil, this face wash gently deep cleanses leaving skin nurtured, smooth, well hydrated and glowing. Good for normal skin type; especially beneficial for dry and mature skin.

Active Ingredients: 

Rose Geranium, Carrot seed oil, Cannabis seed oil, Sunflower oil.
Contains no THC/CBD

How to Use

Dispense 1 or 2 drops on your palm, gently massage in circular motions on damp face and neck. Rinse and pat dry.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

I have an extremely dry skin. So I don't use a face wash as it further dries my skin. I used Pavitra' s carrot seed hemp face wash and simply loved it. There was no dryness and my face was clean. It also has a gorgeous fragrance. Thank you Pavitra. I love you!

Tanushree Krishna
Great all-rounder cleanser

oh my god this cleanser smells heavenly !! The entire bathroom was smelling like a meadow. I have an acne prone skin and found this cleanser to be extremely soothing. The skin feels so fresh and calm !! It does a very good job of removing all the dirt and grime while keeping the skin hydrated. I have been using this cleanser since months now, it has really faded my scars and improved my complexion. I absolutely love this product and definitely re-ordering it.

Aparna Murthy
Holistic Goodness in a bottle

Hemp definitely needs no introduction for the benefits. There are plenty of Hempified products out there on the market. What sets Pavitra apart?

Well for starters - I can read all the ingredients (without having to look up what they are on Google). 4 ingredients ! Yes you read it correct -4 active ingredients. When was the last time you have picked a personal care natural product which was only 4 active ingredients or less. It’s like the LARABAR / That’s it bars of face care! Not to mention - Vegan & Natural.

When I use it regularly, I have had less break outs. I have a bad hormonal acne prone skin. What’s amazing is after a wash your skin is not stripped off feeling so dry or feeling like a layer of oil on your face. You just feel fresh, just stripped of the grime/ dirt and that it’s!

It’s smells wonderful (I have tried both). I was so impressed with this that I placed order to give away as goodies for Easter baskets or any other goodie bag.

Don’t think twice. GET THIS. Make it part of your face care routine.

PS - Love their packaging - simple labels and they do answer questions via WA.